The Secreet of Steaming the Perfect Pudding (1)

The Pudding Basin:
A heatproof pudding basin is ideal for cooking puddings in, although other tins such as small cake tins, brioche tins or small heatproof souffle dishes or ramekins can also be used.

Before preparing the pudding mixture, place th epudding basin inside the saucepan you are using and check to see that there is at least 2.5 cm (1 in) space between the basin and the saucepan.

Circulation of steam is vital during cooking.

The Essential Preparation:
Place two piecces of greased paper in the base of the pudding basin to ensure the pudding will slide from the basin easily.

Pudding rise during cooking so do not fill the basin more than two-thirds full.

Wrapping It Up:
The correct way to cover a pudding is to first place a greased and pleated piece of paper over the pudding to prevent it from becoming soggy. Follow this with a pleated piece of foil. Secure both layers tightly with string. Tie another piece of string to fprm a handle so that you can lift the pudding easily to and from the saucepan.

... And Plenty Of Boiling Water:
Have the saucepan three-quaters full of water that is boiling, before placing the pudding in the saucepan to cook.

The water should always be at least half-way up the sides of the basin or tin. Make sure that the water is already boiling before lowering the pudding into the saucepan. It is also very important to ensure that the water continues to boil for the complete cooking time.

Check water level during cooking-do not let the pudding boil dry. Top up the water, with boiling water if necessary.

Always have a tight fitting lid on the saucepan so that the steam cannot escape.

From: Desserts Pudding & Ices, Bay Cookery Collection


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