The Secreet of Steaming the Perfect Pudding (2)


If The Pudding Is Too Dense, Heavy And Soggy:
Not enough raising agent has been used. Use euther a chemical, such as baking powder, or incorporate air by beating and folding.

The water was allowed to go off the boil.

If The Pudding Sticks To The Basin Or Tin:
The bas was not lined with paper.

The basin was not greased or not greased enough.

The pudding may be undercooked.

If The Pudding Is Not Cooked In The Centre:
The udding may have been allowed to go off the boil.

The pudding was not cooked for long enough.

If The Pudding Has A Dry Or Burnt Base:
The temperature may have been too high.The pudding basin may have a thin base. Next time, place an upturned saucer in the base of the saucepan.

From: Desserts Pudding & Ices, Bay Cookery Collection


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